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african-store-near-meThe festival provides opportunities for local restaurants, grocery suppliers, and other related businesses. Facilitates small businesses and nonprofits to advertise their products, services, create a networking forum to grow their businesses and programs. There will be more than 30 vendors and exhibitors participating in this year’s festival.

Local African restaurants, caterers, and chefs will be present.
Nutritionists and health-related vendors will be present.

Festival-guests will have the opportunity to:
Talk with chefs, authors, nutritionists, organic food growers, and see and taste sumptuous and healthy products prepared with authentic spices and flavors.
somali-foodLearn creative ways to cook food from scratch
Take-home food from chefs and vendors.
Enjoy tastings prepared by well-known local chefs and cookbook authors, featuring dried spices.
Experience educational exhibits and exposure that provide information on African rich culture, gardening, nutrition, and health.
Enjoy African music, art that celebrates the diversity of Traditional things and culture live dance performances, games.
Have a lot of fun!

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