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Why not attend a cooking class with a bunch of friends or use it as a corporate team-building exercise. Cooking courses are fun and a great way to learn something new to cook for dinner!

Host a Dinner Party, Birthday Bash, High Tea, Corporate Function, Wedding, Cocktail Party, Champagne Breakfast, or any other event. Entertain with confidence and use professional chefs or catering services. Take the stress out of your day and allow caterers to design a great menu, prepare the food, and set-up on-site, or simply deliver to the venue.

If you want to become a professional chef, browse through the various chef schools that offer quality training. Submit your CV or post a job advert for chefs to South African Foodies and we’ll upload it to our chef recruitment section.

maggi-cubesHealthy eating for a Healthier lifestyle is the theme of our dedicated contribution to African Food, through relentless continuous product development and research in areas like African Food & Culture. African Food and Obesity. African Food and Black community health. African Food and Healthiness. African Food the Rich heritage. African Food and Rituals. African Food and Religion. Food of African Origin. African Food Selection. African Food Preparation. The Art of African Food preparation. The wealth of Indigenous African Food. Nutrition in African food. African food safety. African food Hygiene. African Food preservation. African Food Processing.

We realize that the concept of health has moved beyond the absence of disease, and to match modern concept we have created SANKOFA FUFU powder:

A big innovation from basic fufu to Sankofa Fufu, a healthier option that stimulates a sense of well- being